Suzy on Her New Movie

Suzy from Miss-A has earned the title for next Jeon Ji-Hyun.

The actress Jeon Ji-Hyun is known for her naturally beautiful figures with long-black hair and clean skin, and now Suzy seems to have these beauty traits. In her movie, Introduction to Architecture, Suzy plays a mature college student with long-black hair and white skin that any men would fall in love. For this reason, more people are comparing her to Jeon Ji-Hyun since Jeon Ji-Hyun herself played a college student in her movie, My Sassy Girl.

Moreover, Suzy's character from the movie and Jeon Ji-Hyun's character overlap in many ways in that both show very spunky and charming characteristics.

Suzy's movie, Introduction to Architecture, will release on March 22nd.
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