'K-Pop Star' Which Contestant Made YG-JYP-BOA Cry??

On the final episode of the battle auditions on Survival Audition K-Pop Star, judges Yang Hyun Suk, Park Jin Young, and Boa all were filmed crying their eyes out.

The episode of K-Pop Star that will be aired on the 26th of February will show who will move on to the live performances. The people who placed 2nd will compete against each other in order to continue to the next round.

On the preview of this week's episode, a scene that showed everybody in the show crying caught everybody's attention. Even Park Jin Young couldn't hold his flowing tears back. Yang Hyun Suk was also shown crying. The preview drove all the viewers crazy with curiosity. Netizens expressed their curiosity after seeing all the judges as well as all the staff of the show crying.

A preview shown at the end of last week's episode showed BoA stating, "Are other audition shows this sad?" and showed her with tears dripping down her face.

Currently, Lee Michelle, Park Ji Min, Lee Seung Hoon, Park Jae Hyung, Son Mi Jin and Oh Tae Suk have all placed 2nd place so far, which means that they'll have to go through an extra round of auditions to compete for the open spots for the live performance. A total of 7 people will compete for the remaining 4 tickets for the live audition. Contestants will all have to perform at their highest level in order to be chosen for their continuation to the next round.
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