SNSD, Wonder Girls, K-pop Star Flock for Documentary Appearance

A new trend seems to emerge as K-Pop stars are making frequent appearance on TV. Groups like SNSD, Wonder Girls, Tony Ahn and others have been featured on the celebrity edition of ‘Star Life Theatre’ part of KBS ‘Life Theatre.’

There are many documentary programs looking in to the lives of stars however lacked the detail structure of ‘Starlife Theatre’ that really shows the difficult times in the past and make the stars to come more closer to the viewers.

Why are stars flocking to the program, when they don’t receive much payment ‘Star Life Theatre’ Choi In Sung shared, “They wish to show their sincerity towards their fans and large audience rather than to make one time hot issues. If they purely want promotion, then there’s no reason for them to select this program that takes quite some time to make one episode.”

Choi shared, “The atmosphere of the documentary can easily become heavy. However we want to make it lighter not too much on the heavy side.”

The only image for a star to show their fans can be the splendid ones on TV and stage. Now through the stars appearing in this honest and sincere image it is allowing their fans to understand and become a stronger supporter
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