SNSD Seohyun and Taeyeon’s Successful debut as MCs

SNSD Seohyun and Taeyeon have made their debut as MCs.

On the February 18th episode of MBC "Show! Music Center," the two girls appeared as MCs for the very first time.

Although it was their first time, their witty comments and dexterous conduct received positive reviews from many viewers.

Tae Yeon said "I am so excited to be the MC for Music Center." To this, Seohyun niftly replied "I wasn't even able to fall asleep last night because of this."

The two made it through without any glitches and created a fun and relaxing atmosphere through their flawless collaboration.

Due to the former MC Yuri's involvement in the SBS drama "Fashion King," Tae yeon,Seohyun, and Tiffany will now lead the show as a threesome.

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