SNSD Reason of Success in Japan

Oricon Chairman Goike Kow spoke about the big success of SNSD in Japan.

As Goike Kow presented ‘Oricon Special Award’ to SNSD mentioned their different marketing strategy.

“I was surprised that young ladies were enthusiastic about SNSD during their mini-live performance during their debut. The strategy of SM Entertainment and Universal Japan targeting young woman succeeded as no one imagined for young ladies to show such a big response towards a girl group,” shared Goike Kow.

He mentions two important elements which are ‘prepared attractiveness’ and ‘fandom.’ “If you see all those who are successful in Japan including SNSD each group have their uniqueness in visual concepts, great performances in dance, singing, and expressions. They will generally rank higher right after the release of their album. Even before arriving in Japan, they have fans formed through internet.”

He didn’t forget to give an important piece of advice as well, “The first groups that are leading the way in Japan are really important as they continue to gain popularity in Japan. The popularity of K-Pop will continuously grow as the groups evolve to show new image. Since fans will expect something different from what they have shown in Korea.”
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