SISTAR No.1, SNSD No.5, Vocal Ranking by Internet Users

As girl group's popularity ranking has gained attention another ranking based purely on their singing ability is also garnering interest.

The report is a hot topic of 26 girl group and solo idol artist is titled 'Girl Group Vocal Ranking.'

The score rank is based on TV, radio and live performances on expressing the lyrics, voice, voice volume, grooves and technique.

SISTAR's Hyorin achieved the highest score in each category wining top honors. Davichi's Lee Hae-Ri regrettably placed second with only three point's difference, Jea (Brown Eyed Girls), IU each ranked third and fourth respectively. In addition, Taeyeon (SNSD),G.NA, Luna (f(x)), Soyou (SISTAR) was followed.

The author noted of Hyorin, "She's an all-round player with powerful vocals who can dance and rap." About Lee Hae-Ri explained "She has a voice that can give as much glamour and excitement through a performance."

The report is stated to have been made last October 28 by a vocal trainer of a famous agency, however it was found to be written by an ordinary netizen. Experts however noted that it seems have just as much insight and analysis of an expert.

Netizens are considering that although it's subjective and enjoyment purposes it still is a "useful rating to recognize the importance of vocal ability among group members."
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