Sigature campaign launched against charter change

Multicolour-shirt leader Tul Sitthisomwong on Tuesday submitted a petition, signifying the launch of a signature campaign, paving the way to impeach lawmakers and Cabinet members for supporting the charter amendment bill.

"The push for charter change is tantamount to the repeal of the Constitution," he said.

Tul said lawmakers and Cabinent had sworn allegiance to protect and uphold the Constitution in accordance with Articles 123 and 175, prompting him to spearhead the impeachment against them.

He said his impeachment targets included the entire Cabinet and 399 MPs and senator who voted to pass the first reading of the amendment bill on Friday.

Under the prescribed procedures, the signature campaign will have to solicit a minimum of 20,000 voters to sponsor the people's motion for impeachment. The campaign must be completed within 180 days.

The Senate is obligated to forward the people's motion for vetting by the National Anti Corruption Commission. Should the NACC find cause for impeachment, the upper chamber will convene and vote on the motion.
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