Salman Khan to got to court??

Vijay Galani the producer of the 2010 film Veer, was banned by the FWICE (Federation Of Western India Cine Employees), from filmmaking, following a complaint filed by Salman Khan, a few days back. The4 producer has now taken his enemity with the actor to the court

“The Non-Cooperation Directive issued against me is illegal. If it had to be issued it had to be in conjunction with AMTPP (Association of Motion Pictures Producers’ Association). But AMTPP has not endorsed it. I can make a film whenever I want to. This is sheer torture. I want to resolve this. I have done no wrong,” Galani told a tabloid.

Why did Salman Khan file a complaint against the producer?
Well, Sallu was not paid a sum of Rs 15 crore by the filmmaker for his role in Veer.

Galani further says, “Unnecessarily, people have accused me of not paying Salman his dues. I am clean. I know what I am saying. I have kept quiet for too long. Not anymore though,” and added, “Why doesn’t Salman talk to me if he has a problem? You know what, I have met him at least seven to eight times in the past and he has never mentioned anything about an outstanding payment for Veer. Yes, I know he has lodged a complaint against me in FWICE. So what? He doesn’t have the papers to prove that I have to give him any money.”

And now, Galani has filed a case against the film governing body. “I do not owe any money to Salman. I spoke to this paper exclusively in January this year and I maintain my stand. Let the Court decide now. I cannot tolerate this nonsense any longer,” said the filmmaker.

However, FWICE President, Dharmesh Tiwari maintains that they have done no wrong in issuing the Non-Cooperation Directive against Galani. “We are fighting for FWICE and Salman Khan. My lawyer will deal with this now in Court. I don’t want to say anything further on this for now,” said Tiwari.

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