Reason Why the Comeback of Shinwha is Touching

The news of Shinhwa’s comeback itself is very touching. There are many groups that have appeared and stops their activities in a short amount of time. While many group that have debuted around the same time as Shinhwa has been dismantled, Shinhwa set a good role model that have keep the group going strong for 14 years.

Shinhwa’s member each have their own star quality and vocal skills, the trend back in the days was that only the lead vocal will sing majority of the song, however with Shinhwa each member was capable of recording solo albums. Each member have released 2 solo albums, while Hye Sung and Min Woo released 6 each.

This led Shinhwa to lead a new marketing strategy which is to release solo album of members while the group releases an album in rotation. It became a new model to follow while generally the member activities all came to stop once their promotion for the group album ended.

Experts pointed out that another reason there were able to last as long as they did was to keep their promise with their fans. Since the group ended their contract with their first entertainment company, only several members were offered to stay longer with the company. This could have been a crisis for the team to split, however keeping true to their word. The group decided to look for a different company that will be willing to sign them on as a whole group. After that contract expired the members made separate contract with other entertainment companies, while on top of that they made a company ‘Shinhwa Company’ to do activities for Shinhwa. The group has keep their promise with their fans to keep ‘Shinhwa forever,’ gaining the trust of fans.

Keeping true to the meaning of their name, they are now writing new history of legend.
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