'Highkick3' Park HaSun to 'Black HaSun'

The glamourous Park HaSun changed 180 degrees into the 'Black HaSun'.

The episode of MBC 'Highkick 3' aired on the 27th, Park HaSun suffers from the students making fun of her relationship with Yun JiSuk.

The students start asking "How far did you guys go? Kiss? Can you guys come during break time and kiss in front of us?" when HaSun walks in for class. In addition, her co-worker Park JiSun asks HaSun to do her work, and HaSun explodes in anger.

HaSun looks up 'How to suppress the opponent' online, and starts practicing frowning and charismatic looks. Sujung who sees this advises her to change her clothing and makeup style first.

At this, HaSun shows up in all-black mini skirt and long boots, with smoky make-up. At Hasun's new look, all the teachers and the students are shocked. When HaSun walks into class and the students start joking around again, she yells, quieting down the mood.

When the students start getting scared of HaSun, she gets excited and decides to keep her image of the charismatic look. When she goes to eat with her boyfriend JiSuk, she tried to open a beer bottle with a spoon.

HaSun's 180-degree change aroused much laughter from the viewers.
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