Order of Girl Group Heights: "KARA, 2NE1, Brown Eyed Girls: Super Short"

National girl groups' heights were lined up, catching attention.

In recent online community, the graph was posted under the title "Girl Group height line-up".

The chart was divided into three colored parts: Giants (red), Average (orange), Short (green), and Super Short (blue). The first to place was Nine Muses with average height of 171.9cm, who's known to be a group of models, and Dal Shabet (169.8cm), RaNia (168.8), and Afterschool (168.5) followed after them.

But the popular groups SNSD, T-ara, Wondergirls, and miss A were in the 'Short' category; KARA, 2NE1, and Secret were in the 'Super Short' category.

Netizens who saw this chart replied, "The best groups are all in the 'Super Short' section", "Nine Muses are so tall", "I wonder what kind of chart will come out next", "God is fair, he gave the short girls the most popularity", etc.
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