NEW '1N2D' First Filming: 'Awkward but Perfect Match'

KBS 2TV 'Happy Sunday - 1 Night 2 Days' new season took their first step in an island in InChun with all the new family members: Lee Soogeun, Um Taewoong, Kim Jongmin, Kim Seungwoo, Joowon, Sung Shikyung, and Cha Taehyun.

The opening was led by the original three members, and the new members met up with the team at the actual location of the filming, in the island.

The atmosphere was a bit awkward, with the original members and the new members mixed. But it was not their first time meeting, for they had a chance to get to know each other before the filming.

Though they had talked to each other before, getting used to '1N2D' was not easy. The original members tried helping the adjustment, but because a lot of them is new to variety shows, it was not easy.

One representative said, "I think they're awkward because it's only their first filming. But I have high expectations for when they slowly start adjusting."
Though they are awkward, they match together very well. The original three members have been showing them the mindset of 'beastly road variety', passing on what they have learned from their experience.

The first filming of the new 1N2D will be aired on March 4th and 11th.
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