Musical ‘Elizabeth’ Tops Musical Ticket Sales

Musical starring JYJ’s Junsu ‘Elizabeth’ has topped the reservation ranking pushing ‘Notre Dame de Paris,’ and ‘Mama Mia’ down the list.

Considering this is ‘Elizabeth’s premiere in South Korea this is an amazing feat.

Musical ‘Elizabeth’ not only stars Junsu but brilliant cast of Ryu Jung Han, Song Chang and reproduce the amazing grand Habsburg imperial grandeur of Euorpe’s clothes, video, stage art performances which drew a phenomenal praise of their first week performance.

Junsu was casted as the character ‘Death’ in the Korean production of ‘Elizabeth’ the musical. As the lover of Empress Elizabeth of Austria, it was reported that he lost 6kg for this role. Although there is no extra weight to shed he chose to do so due to his see-through costumes.

Since then we are able to meet Junsu who looks completely different with a sharper jaw line and well-defined features. This is another perk to enjoy the musical.

Musical ‘Elizabeth’ with a solid storyline, much preparation and added the popularity of Junsu, what is the limit of the box record for ‘Elizabeth?’

What if Junsu laded with ‘Elizabeth’ in the US?

Now that’s a delightful thought.

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