"The Moon That Embraces the Sun" Kim Yu Jung "My Ideal Boyfriend is T.O.P!"

On the 27th of February, MBC's "Good Day" featured a segement that captured the behind story at a filming of a commercial.

The filming of the commercial involved Kim Yu Jung and Kim Soo Hyun. After their filming of the commercial, Kim Yu Jung was intereviewed. During the interview, Kim Yu Jung was asked who her ideal boyfriend would look like. As to everyone's surprise, Kim Yu Jung replied that T.O.P. of Big Bang was her ideal type. And added "Kim Soo Hyun is just a good oppa to me".

The interviewer teased her by saying "Kim Soo Hyun is just a good oppa?"

Kim Yu Jung responded again with the answer, "A good oppa. A very good oppa" and seemed to be getting a little shy.

Actress Kim Yu Jung and actor Kim Soo Hyun are both appearing in the drama "The Moon that Embraces the Sun". The drama has been gaining an incredible amount of popularity and reached an almost 40% viewing rate.
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