Miss A JYP Releases Lyrics From Touch!

On the 18th of February, Park Jin Young released a line from Miss A's new song.

He stated that it was a special present for the fans who are waiting patiently for Miss A's new album to drop.

The lyrics he released is "My motionless heart will never beat again. I believed you so much. My heart beats so fast whenever I see you."

JYP left the fans with the question: "Have you ever felt this way?"

Netizens responded with comments like, "I can't wait to hear the song", "Lyrics are so good! Beyond expectations!", "Only one line of the lyrics but I can already relate to it" and etc.

Miss A members, Zia, Fei, Suzy and Min have all released their own versions of TOUCH teaser. Their comeback is scheduled to be on the 29th of February.
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