'Running Man' Song JiHyo, Nap With Mouth Wide Open

Actress Song JiHyo fell asleep during the filming for 'Running Man'.

In the SBS 'Running Man' episode aired on the 26th, the race of going from Busan's fish market, bookstore alley, and other famous places of Busan.

Song JiHyo fell asleep in when going from the fish market to the bookstore alley, during the mission with her team members Gary and Yoo JaeSeok.

Song JiHyo, who was sitting in the front seat with a camera right in front of her, did not mind the camera and fell asleep with her mouth wide open. Spinning her head around while sleeping, she aroused much laughter in the set. Yoo JaeSeok and Gary could not hold it in and burst into laughter.

When Song JiHyo fell back asleep after waking up, Yoo JaeSeok woke her up laughing. Song JiHyo, embarrassed, put on a cap and said "I'm sorry."
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