Lee Ha Ee vs Park Jimin : Match of The Match, Lee Ha Ee WINS

ee Ha Ee pulled off a smashing victory during k-pop star.
During the February 19th episode of SBS "K-Pop Star," a preliminary round of competition took place between Park Ji Min and Lee Ha Ee before the actual finals. All three judges, Yang Hyun Suk, JYP, and BoA, called it the 'match of the match.'
JYP especially commented that the two should be honored to have receive such an opportunity before the actual finals.
Park Ji Min went first singing Shin Hyo Bum's "I love You" and filled up the stage with her innate sense of rhythm and excellent control over high pitch.
Lee Ha Ee showed off a different stage singing "Mercy" by Duffy where she swept away the judges with some bold dance moves and low notes.
Yang Hyun Suk was shocked at the stability of Lee's low pitch and commented "For a second I was questioning whether or not she was Korean. I have not seen someone have that much control over low notes in a long time."
BoA praised "They're the best pair of rivals yet. Ji Min did not try to embellish her singing and simply put her full efforts into conveying the message of the song. Ha Ee is just so talented. I simply loved her performance."
JYP predicted "Although both of them pulled off amazing performances, I think Lee Ha Ee definitely will win this time."
And indeed JYP was right. Lee Ha Ee will now join the live audition which will start later this month.

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