Last Filming of '1N2D', Flood of Tears

The past 5 years of '1N2D' flew by like a flash.

KBS2 '1 Night 2 Days' aired on the 18th pictured the last trip of Um TaeWoong, Lee SooGeun, Kim JongMin, and Lee SeungGi to Jung Eup.

On this day, the members were able to take the time to look back to the past 5 years of their work at an old theater by Na PD's surprise.

The video showed SooGeun's process of becoming one of the best MCs, SeungGi's process of becoming funny from his 'lame' days, Um Tae Woong's boldness to make others laugh, JongMin's return from the army, and JiWon's childish and innocent days.

Lastly revealed was Kang HoDong. The staff put in the words at the end, "And HoDong retired." All the members teared up in the midst of their reminiscence.

When the fans sang for them after the countdown, members could not hold in their tears. Kim JongMin especially sobbed.

Na PD, who was holding the mic, could not continue his words either. He said, "Okay, our lovely...", trying to end with a grand comment, but he could not finish his sentence.

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