Khmer singer|Cambodia singer Pich Sophea Top Singer of Cambodia at Hang Meas Production

Pich Sophea’s Biography in Brief

Pich Sophea was born in 1985 in Prey Veng Province and was called by the nickname Sdey by close families and friends. She is the youngest of four sisters. Her father name is O Sarin. Her mother name is Saron. Her oldest sister is married and the other two are singers. Sophea had to make her own earnings for your family while growing by selling sugarcane juice on the streets, which was barely enough for her family. By the time she reached the 11th grade in high school, she dropped out early to become a restaurant singer in order to financially provide fulltime for your family.

Fortunately, her fortune had finally arrived when Rasmey Hang Meas Production, the most popular music production in Cambodia, noted her growing popularity in Phnom Penh. In 2004, Pich Sophea blissfully signed a contract with Rasmey Hang Meas. She became an instant star with her debut song “Better Day.”

In 2009, Pich Sophea toured France and performed concerts with label buddies Nob Panharith and Chhet Sovannpanha. Most Cambodians living in France like her songs and support her. The concerts were successful and generated more money than expected.

Soon after her arrival home, she was invited to perform in TV5’s Top Ten Concert and on the Asean Television channel. Loyal fans expected new songs after her recent absence but only to be a little disappointed to see she performing old releases.

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