KARA's Park Gyuri Gets Ready for Surgery

KARA's Park Gyuri is having a vocal fold nodules removal surgery on February 21.

On February 20, a representative at DSP Media said, "Park Gyuri will be getting a surgery on her vocal cords for the nodules and polyps found last November."

The agency added, "Park Gyuri will be getting rehabilitation to recover as soon as possible after the surgery. A special rehabilitation program will be prepared for Park Gyuri so that she can recover in time for the asia tour which is to start in Japan."

Also, the representative said, "The doctor said, 'If Park Gyuri doesn't get surgery right away, her career as a singer will be in jeopardy.' However, the surgery was delayed and emergency measures were taken, because Park Gyuri had a strong will to finish the musical '200 Pound Beauty' and to finish preparing for KARA's exclusive concert 'KARASIA'."
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