KARA Koo Ha Ra Will Leave DSP Entertainment by Herself!

When news got out to the fans, it immediately became an hot issue.

An unnamed representative stated, "KARA's contract issue is a very sensitive topic right now because there was an incident last year. It's hard to say since it's so soon, but since Koo Ha Ra is such a big star who will be open to the market, it's causing a stir in the industry."

The contracts of Kang Ji Young, Park Kyu Ri, Han Seung Yeon and Jung Nicole will not end until next year because there was an agreement with DSP Entertainment. Koo Ha Ra however, did not sign/stamp her contract, which means her contract will end this August. She will be "free" after that.

Koo Ha Ra is the only singer who has come into the market freely after Lee Hyo Ri did, years back. Koo Ha Ra has been recognized for her dancing and singing skills throughout the years she performed as a member of KARA. She acted, MCed, and actively appeared in the media. She is one of the few idols who could play any role in the media.

There is a possibility that she'll comeback as a solo artist.

The fact that she had an image that was loved by all will be a big factor in her success as a solo artist. Even herself admitted that she was the member with the "lovely" image in KARA. She is also famous in Japan for being a look-a-like of Japan's "legend" Namie Omura.
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