K-Pop Star: The Magical YG Touch

A singer needs a good producer in order to flourish. And the results of K-Pop Star solidify this fact.

Currently, the show is well into battle auditions in order to pick the contestants to participate in its live auditions which will start in March. All contestants engage in audition battles in groups of three, with each member representing SM, YG, and JYP: the winner scores a spot in the live auditions, runner-up gets a second chance and the third place will leave the show for good.

Here's the catch: Unlike most other TV audition programs, K-Pop star will let its winners pick their future nest out of the three biggest management agencies in Korea. This is an opportunity that is more valuable than the 300,000,000 won that the winner will take home. Getting accepted into SM, JYP, or YG means that their careers as singers will be guaranteed.

Despite their amicable appearance, the three judges are also engaged in their own battle as they eye all the contestants like a hawk to pick out the potential star.

Prior to the current audition battle, Kim Na Yoon, Lee Seung Hoon, and Park Jung Eun had trained under YG. And it seems that Yang Hyun Suk had given them special attention that would usually be reserved only for artists like Big Bang or 2NE1.

And his results paid off. After seeing Kim Na Yoon perform, an astonished JYP asked "Where have you been all along?" Kim had been showing poor performances after her first one and her return with "Hit the road Jack" of Ray Charles was enough to amaze the judges. After seeing BoA and JYP's reaction, Yang Hyun Suk smiled saying that he was "so proud of her." The smile on his face almost seemed fatherly.

But not all of YG's contestants did as well as Kim Na Yoon. Lee Seung Hoon barely made it as second place in his group and Park Jung Eun left the show as third place despite Yang's painstaking efforts.

To Park Jung Eun, JYP critiqued that "If you cannot memorize the lyrics and dance overnight, you definitely do not have enough talent to be here," which caused her to burst into tears.
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