HyoRi's Response: "It's natural for stomach fat to sag when you get old"

Singer Lee HyoRi has recently been pointed at for the chubby stomach pictures.

On the 27th, Hyori posted on her twitter "I will rejoice at the fact that the only part the photographers could find fault about me was my stomach. I am a sick lady sitting in the hospital."

This was the response to the picture taken during SBS program 'You&I', where HyoRi's chubby stomach is shown through her revealing dress. This has bought much attention because HyoRi is usually known to have perfect abs-containing body.

HyoRi also said through twitter, "It's natural for stomach to sag when you get old. Why are you guys all surprised? ^^" This showed a surprisingly chill response at such a sensitive criticism, arousing even more love from the netizens.

Netizens who saw this post commented, "Are there any girls who doesn't have even that?", "Even her stomach fat is sexy", "Your body is pretty enough", and "It only looks like that because you're sitting down; it disappears when you stand up."
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