Girls’ Generation (SNSD) to Hold J.Estina Fan Meeting

J.Estina which successfully launched a store in Plaza Hotel last November in New York with global artist Girls’ Generation is to hold a fan meeting at AK Suwon Department on March 11.

J.Estina held a fan signing event titled ‘J.Estina with Girls Generation Special Meeting’ last November successfully with 400 domestic and overseas fans.

This fan meeting is for those customers who have purchased more than 100,000 Korean Won between February 23 till March 5 and a lucky winner will be selected through an event entry online announced on March 9. With Girls’ Generation as their advertising model the sales of J.Estina product sales has increased.

J.Estina representative shared, “We wanted to return back to our customers support for J.Estina and Girls’ Generation which was the decision to hold this fan meeting once again. We are preparing well in advance continuing on with the fan meeting after the Lotte headquarters for everything to process smoothly.”
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