FT Island, IU and So Many More Sick Stars!

Singers who are constantly competing for the number 1 spot are currently fighting to get better from their cold.

Out of all the stars who appear on music programs from Wednesdays to Sundays, 30% of them are currently sick.

Recently, most members of FT Island couldn't sing live because they all caught a cold. Also, Dal Shabet's Ah Young had a hard time after catching a cold and Sistar's Da Som was in bed for 2 days because she was sick.

IU also had to cancel an event schedules on the 29th at the welcoming ceremony at a school in Incheon. IU's publicist stated, "Her throat is not in a good condition from being sick so she is unable to sing at the moment. Nothing is wrong with her health. She is trying to keep up with schedules that don't require singing."

Usually in a group, even when one member gets sick, other members can make up for it but solo artists are unable to do so. Also, if group artists live together, they will all eventually catch the same cold. The only way to not get sick for singers is to make sure they take good care of themselves so that they don't get sick to begin with.
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