Facebook popular with Bangkokians: ABAC Poll

BANGKOK, Feb 24 - Most Bangkokians use Facebook as a means to communicate, but almost half the respondents said they encounter obscenity when using social media, according to the latest Assumption University ABAC poll released on Friday.

The poll, which surveyed the social media behaviour of Bangkokians, was conducted between Feb 17-23 with 641 respondents in the Thai capital, indicated that 90 per cent are using social media.

Ninety-eight per cent of users said they opt for Facebook, followed by 21 per cent for Twitter and 13 per cent for Hi5.

Almost half the respondents said they use social media more than once per day, while almost one-fourth said they do it once a day. Only 5 per cent said they use social sites less than once a week.

When asked why use social media at all, about 94 per cent said they use it to keep in touch with and follow what is going on with their friends and acquaintances. Sixty-three per cent use social media to update their status, post photos and report news and general situations. Thirty-four per cent said they have their accounts to play games, 30 per cent to communicate with family members, and 25 per cent to find partners and new friends. Only 18 per cent use social sites for work, while only 9 per cent use them for online businesses.

On a related finding, almost half of respondents said they face obscenity when using social media. Other problems include having less time to rest, which affects work and studies (39 per cent), leaking personal information (27 per cent), problems with others (27 per cent), anxiety when not logging on to social media (19 per cent), online fraud (13 per cent), and other health concerns such as trigger finger and muscle strain (10 per cent). (MCOT online news)
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