CNBLUE Rocks Thailand with 10,000 Fans

CNBLUE ‘BLUESTORM’ concert tour in Thailand wrapped up in a great success.

The original Thailand tour was supposed to take place last November however was postponed due to the major flood in Bangkok. It took place in Impact Arena on February 25 with 10,000 fans.

The band performed 24 songs including their hit songs ‘I’m a Loner,’ ‘Love,’ ‘Intuition,’ ‘Love Girl’ and others. The fans were extremely excited over Japanese debut singles ‘In My Head’ and ‘Where You Are.’

Prior to the concert, CNBLUE held an auction from their performance outfits to help raise funds in aid of the flood victims. The proceeds from the auction were donated to Princess Wave Foundation and Thai Red Cross Society.

CNBLUE shared, “The flood has caused major damages in Thailand. We were saddened to hear the reason to postpone our concert. We hope this is a way to give back to Thailand for the support. We hope that our donation will be of small help.”

CNBLUE is to travel to Taiwan for their Asia Tour ‘BLUESTORM’ on February 28 and will prepare for their comeback release in Korea.
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