Block B’s P.O. Hospitalized Over Controversy

it’s been reported that Block B member P.O. has been hospitalized as the mental and emotional stress of being in the middle of a controversy seems to have reached too much to handle.

Although Block B has officially apologized for their behavior and attitude in the controversial interview in Thailand numerous times criticism towards the group are showing no signs of stopping.

Especially the group has been shocked by a petition filing for Block B’s suicide that began by several netizens.

Brand New Stardom Entertainment stated, “P.O. is the youngest from the group, who just recently graduated from high school. He has been suffering from panic and shock due to criticism and growing attacks the group has received. We are still waiting for the exact diagnosis of his condition.”

Continuing on, “They are not denying their faults and accept all the criticisms. There isn’t anything else they can do than apologize for their wrongdoings.”

Many people have expressed concern over the strong criticism Block B has received. Some referred to it as another kind of witch hunt. Especially hearing the news of hospitalization netizens are worried about the mental and physical state of the members.VIEW SOURCE FROM http://www.kpopstarz.com

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