Block B’s Apology for Thailand Interview Controversy

Block B gave their official apology regarding their controversial interview in Thailand.
All 7 members of Block B posted up their apology and remarks on February 20 (local time) early morning through their fan café.
Block B was criticized for their inconsiderate behavior and manners during an interview with Thailand’s internet media RYT9 titled ‘New Artist- Block B in Thailand.’
Even 2PM member Nichkhun Tweeted, “As I am Thai, I’m a little offended by the people who make the flooding’s in Thailand sound like they are no big deal. Also while you are in Thailand, don’t act without thinking. Have respect for the country and have the attitude to properly accept it,” sharing his frustrations of their immature behavior.
You can read Block B’s apologies below.
I apologize for our hurtful behavior and attitudes to all Thai fans and South Koreans who have given us much love.
I apologize for our childish and unreasonable behavior throughout the entire interview.
It was an due to our not clearly distinguishing the line of freedom and reasonable. Again I apologize to Thai people and fans.
We will deeply reflect upon our mistake and for damaging the national image and image of artists.
I deeply apologize for our unreasonable behavior that we have shown.
We will work hard to show a mature image. Learning from this incident we will more conscientious and responsible as South Korean artist.
I deeply apologize for my unreasonable behavior and causing a controversy due to my childish behavior and not thinking of the great pain and suffering that Thai people have experienced due to the flood damage.
No as an adult I feel more ashamed of my ignorant comment. I believe we are without excuse for our behavior during the interview, sitting cross-legged on the sofa, chatting with other members, damaging South Korea’s image in Thailand.
I sincerely apologize for our actions.
I apologize for our inconsiderate interview, causing injury to a not yet healed scar. I am sorry.
We are ashamed for our inconsiderate interview in Thailand. We apologize to all the Thai people that have suffered large damages due to the flood.
We apologize to Koreans for damaging Korea’s image due to our inconsiderate behavior.
Reviewing the interview clips, we deeply regret our actions.
We apologize once again and Block B will mature to prevent such actions from repeating again.
First of all I wish to apologize from the bottom of my heart.
Apart from being a public figure, as the oldest of the group I apologize for not restricting the behavior of fellow members and for creating controversy based on simple manners.
As a Korean we should have shown more respect and manners. We apologize again for disappointing our fans and Thai people with our inconsiderate behavior.
We apologize once again. We will improve as to not those mistakes again.
First if all I would like to say I’m sorry.
I believe that even before this interview, people have mentioned that Block B seems too free-spirited. Also it seems that we haven’t listened well to the criticism despite being a public figure. I believe all of our members acted foolishly.
When I replayed the video of our interview, I saw full of shame thinking those people on the video is us. I really understand those who were saying that we put Koreans to shame.
I apologize again for my actions and fellow members for not paying attention to the interview.
We will work harder to repay with better music. I wish to apologize again to everyone.
Hello, this is Block B’s Park Kyung.
There are no other words than to say sorry.
At this point whatever we say will seem like an excuse.
We are ashamed of our ignorant and immature behavior throughout the interview.
We sincerely apologize to the Thai people.
We apologize also to Koreans for damaging the country’s image.
We apologize for the lack of respect and thoughtless behavior that we have shown.
I feel ashamed and embarrassed when watching the video.
We are deeply reflecting on our actions to prevent the same mistake from happening again.
We apologize once again
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