2PM Taek Yeon Reveals His "Spartan Abs!!" [Video]

On the 23rd of February, JYP Entertainment released a video through their official YouTube page to released a video of Taek Yeon's interview with Men's Health Korea.

It video clip shows Taek Yeon shirtless, showing off his "Spartan abs." He also showed the audience his cute side with various face expressions. He also made all the female viewers' hearts beat with his shy smile.

Taek Yeon's body is, truly, a work of art.

His six-pack was extremely well-defined as well as the muscles in his arms. Taek Yeon made a lot of fans faint after showing his back while he was lifting weights.

Netizens responded with comments like, "Wow. Spartan abs no doubt", "He's like a sculpture", "What do I need to do to look like that?" and etc.
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