2PM Rocks in Thailand With 9,000 Fans

2PM performed successfully wrapping up their concert in Thailand on February 18.

Before the concert 2PM held a “High Five” event with nearly 3,000 fans and during a press conference on the same day 2PM announced their donation of some of the proceeds from the concert towards “Red Cross Thailand.”

2PM first Asia concert ‘HANDS UP ASIA TOUR CONCERT’ took place at Impact Arena in Thailand. Over 2 hours during the concert filled with 9,000 fans went wild with excitement. The group gave their best performance ever. Especially Nichkhun surprised the Thai fans by singing “Bird” by a Thailand singer. The fans in return created a video to thank 2PM and Nichkhun for their donation during Thai floods.

JYP Entertainment representative stated, “Nichkhun and all other 2PM members have a special place in their hearts for Thailand. Once again we thank all the fans on behalf of 2PM for the love and support.”

2PM will continue its Asian tour throughout March their next stop is to visit China
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